Understanding Pool Construction in Louisiana

    Have you considered installing a pool in your home but need to know which pool construction companies in Louisiana are a significant investment? Or maybe you’re not sure a collection fits well into your home budget. If you’re on the fence about pool design and installation, our team at Howard Pool Company can help you. We’re one of south-central Louisiana’s best pool maintenance companies and can help streamline your pool installation and repair needs.

    The Benefits of Owning a Pool

    Before working with any pool companies in Louisiana, knowing exactly how a pool benefits you is crucial. At Howard Pool Company, we stand out from other pool design and pool maintenance companies by letting you know exactly what you’ll get when you buy a pool. In addition, we’ll highlight the positives and potential downsides to ensure you’re comfortable.

    First, a pool gives you somewhere to cool off when summer hits. If you’ve lived in south-central Louisiana long, you know it gets awfully hot here during July and August. A pool will give you, your family, and your friends a place to relax when the sun gets unbearable. That’s almost worth the price because you won’t have to drive to the beach anymore and can relax at home.

    Even better, a pool can increase the value of your home if you ever want to sell it. Real estate markets often value homes with a pool higher because they bring in more attention from high-paying customers. They also help a yard look more attractive by creating an eye-catching look that is hard to ignore. Just as importantly, a pool produces a great backyard destination during big summer parties.

    A few downsides of this process include regularly maintaining your pool and having to do occasional pool repairs. However, these minor problems are nothing compared to the relaxation and fun you get out of a pool. Investigating this option for your home and contacting us to set up your installation is well worth it. Before you do, make sure you know what shapes and sizes are available.

    Shapes and Sizes to Choose

    At Howard Pool Company, we provide pools in multiple shapes and sizes. Unlike other pool construction companies, we focus on your satisfaction to ensure your happiness. For example, we have oval pools, pools with a unique “royal” style, and many other fun and quirky shapes.

    Typically, we provide at least 350 to 750 square feet pools, depending on your needs. They’ll take up anywhere from 12 x 15 to 20 x 40 feet in your yard, including the unique design elements and curves. Depending on the pool design, the perimeters range from 70 to 120 feet.

    Our crew of pool design, pool installation, and pool repair experts will come to your home, check out its size, and identify the best overall options for your needs. Then, we’ll plan out your installation carefully to ensure you feel comfortable with the look of your new pool.

    With our help, you’ll never have to call other pool maintenance companies again. That’s because we’ll ensure you have the right pool and will work hard to ensure it fits comfortably in your yard. We love working with our customers and strive for perfection in everything we do.

    Budgeting for a Pool

    Knowing where your money will go is essential if you’re interested in a pool. You’ll be spending good money on a high-quality pool and deserve to know where your cash is going. Thankfully, our team at Howard Pool Company can help you understand this budgeting concern and provide all the services your pool needs. We can help with:

    • Installation: You’ll need to budget most of your pool’s money for the installation. Once we’ve broken ground and installed your pool, the rest of your budget is set up for more minor steps.
    • Maintenance: Calling pool maintenance companies like Howard Pool Company can ensure your pool lasts for years. Yearly inspections are probably all you need to keep your pool safe.
    • Regular Service: Do you need help servicing your pool, such as cleaning it out regularly? Our pool repair experts can perform all your steps to keep it strong.
    • Chemical Balancing: If you’re unsure how to handle the unique demands of chlorine balancing, our crew will sit down with you and provide the help you need.

    As you can see, working with pool construction companies in south-central Louisiana is beneficial and can ensure your home gets the high-quality pool it needs. With our help, you can design and install a brand-new pool in your home and keep it strong for years. We aim to maximize your pool enjoyment and provide the long-term support you want and expect from us.

    Get the Best Pool Service in Louisiana

    Don’t hesitate to contact us at Howard Pool Company today for your pool design, installation, and repair needs. We stand out from other pool construction companies because we care about you and will work hard to ensure your satisfaction. And unlike other pool maintenance companies, we won’t charge you hidden or unexpected fees. So call us now to learn more about what our team offers you.

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