Types of Pool Construction to Consider for Your Louisiana Home

    When working with pool construction companies in Louisiana, knowing what pool options are available for you is essential. You can make many choices here, each of which has different benefits and disadvantages. Luckily, we’re here to help you make an informed choice.

    We at Howard Pool Company are a pool construction contractor that understands multiple pool types. Our professionals will sort through your options and help you make a smart choice. We feel comfortable handling these steps and believe you’ll get the best experience possible with us.

    In-Ground Family Swimming Pool: A Great Overall Option

    Do you plan on pool construction that will serve your whole family, your neighbors, and any friends who may visit you? If so, you need to work with pool construction companies in south-central Louisiana that understand family pools and the benefits they provide you.

    First, a family pool is designed to provide fun for people of all ages. As a result, there’s typically a shallower end where your young kids can play and a deeper end where you can have fun. Note that it’s typically no more than five-foot, meaning that most adults should be fine.

    These pools aren’t designed for serious exercise, though you can easily do laps. Instead, they’re more for relaxation and are typically designed as a more luxury item. As a result, you can expect things like waterfalls and other unique elements that make them stand out.

    Working with our team at Howard Pool Company can help you choose the family pool that makes the most sense for your needs. We’ll work with you to understand your demands and create a meaningful pool installation plan that makes sense for your family and your budget.

    Lap Pool: Great for Serious Athletes

    If you’re more of a serious athlete or someone who enjoys competitive swimming, a lap pool construction project might be what you need. Pool construction companies can help you install these high-quality pools and understand how they work, including their benefits.

    We at Howard Pool Company are a pool construction contractor that understands this process. They’re rectangular and fairly deep if you’ve never heard of a lap pool. They’re designed not for casual swimming and relaxing but for more strenuous exercise and extended laps.

    As a result, they’re not a great option if you have a family with young children who want to play in a pool. However, they work well if you want to stay in shape and keep your body strong. They’re designed to fit comfortably in most yards and are usually reasonably compact.

    They’re also less expensive than other pools, which is a good option if you’re on the fence about a pool but think you might want one in the future. If you enjoy this pool, you might install another pool type at a different home or remove your lap pool later.

    Olympic-Size Pool: Great for Those With Money

    If you’re interested in only the finest pool construction for your home and have the money to hire Louisiana’s best pool construction contractor, an Olympic-sized swimming pool might be for you. They’re often one of the area’s most popular options from pool construction companies.

    These pools are designed for people with a lot of space and money to maintain them. They’ll have multiple lanes where various people can swim. Typically, they’re designed more for commercial use than private homes, such as a pool for a school or similar facility.

    Families in a smaller suburban area may not have the room or cash for pools of this size and find a family swimming pool works better for them. However, if you have the space and are okay with spending the money, this option might work well for your needs.

    At Howard Pool Company, we focus more on compact and family-friendly pools, ensuring you have the best overall support for your needs. Our team of professionals will visit your yard and do what we can to install a high-quality pool, including helping break the ground for the installation.

    Other Pool Types to Consider

    At Howard Pool Company, we can also help you install many other types of pools, including:

    • Architectural pools are designed to have beautiful styles and unique designs
    • Natural swimming pools that integrate more easily with your yard
    • A budget-conscious pool that will save you money on installation

    By working with our team of professionals, you can get the high-quality experience you want at a price you can afford. We work hard to ensure that you’re satisfied with your results.

    Let Us Help You

    At Howard Pool Company, we have years of pool construction experience serving south-central Louisiana. We love the area and work hard to ensure you understand your pool options. In addition, we aim to provide you with the accurate and high-quality support you need.

    With our help, you won’t have to contact other pool construction companies that don’t quite understand what you want. Most pool construction contractor options in Louisiana are fly-by-night companies that don’t provide outstanding service. We stand out by providing you with all the help that you need. So call us today.

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