Four Signs That You Might Need Pool Repair in Louisiana

    Louisiana’s temperature and weather changes are often tough on pools and can cause severe damage to their structure. Thankfully, Howard Pool Company is a pool repair contractor that provides south-central Louisiana with the best pool repair in the region. Here are times when you should call your favorite pool repair company.

    When You Notice Leaks

    Leaks are the most common reason for pool repair in Louisiana for a good reason: they’re troubling. A leak can cause your pool to lose all its water and damage the surrounding land. Leaving this problem to worsen is a serious issue that can threaten far beyond your yard.

    What causes leaks? There are many issues, such as shifting soil and poor installation, that may cause damage to your pool. Understanding these issues can help you prevent them, including taking steps to repair your pool in the future if it experiences any of these issues later.

    As a result, it is crucial to contact us at Howard Pool Company whenever you notice leaks. Our team will ensure that these issues are appropriately managed and that your pool is safe. In addition, we’ll take the time to figure out why your leaks developed and ensure that they never come back.

    That’s a significant benefit because it keeps you from having to call us or another pool repair contractor for help. Instead, we’ll take the time to ensure that your pool is as strong as possible, minimize serious leak issues, and provide the long-term support that makes sense for your home.

    If Algae Keeps Growing

    Algae is one of the most common pool repair issues on the market and is an issue for a few reasons. First, algae growths can damage your filters and require more serious repairs. Even worse, algae may cause health dangers, particularly some of Louisiana’s more virulent and fast-growing algae.

    As a result, reaching out to a pool repair contractor in south-central Louisiana with your best needs in mind is critical. Our team at Howard Pool Company understands general repair and feels comfortable working in many idioms. Our goal is to ensure that you’re satisfied with all repairs.

    Beyond assessing your filters (which typically help prevent algae growth), we’ll also “shock” your water by introducing a better chlorine balance. This step is critical because it protects your pool from algae and protects it from other health concerns, such as mold and mildew.

    Thankfully, our team at Howard Pool Company can handle these steps and more to keep your pool safe. However, don’t think algae are a natural part of owning a pool. It must be managed to ensure you don’t run into serious long-term complications.

    After a Big Storm

    Louisiana is no stranger to big storms, and hurricanes can heavily hit the area in devastating ways. When one hits south-central Louisiana, pool repair may be necessary for your home. Howard Pool Company is a high-quality pool repair contractor that understands your needs.

    We’ll fight to ensure you get the best possible experience, including removing branches, trees, and other debris from your pool area. Beyond that, we’ll also fix problems like leaks, shifting soil, and other concerns that may develop after a storm hits the spot.

    We can even help fully replace your pool if a storm damages it heavily. While this process is not inexpensive, it is often required to keep your yard and pool safe. Thankfully, we will do what we can to reduce your need for total replacement and to satisfy your needs.

    In fact, we’re different from other pool companies because we’ll only suggest a complete replacement when necessary. Repair is our first goal, and we’ll do what we can to get your pool back in shape after a big storm. If it can’t quite recover after a hurricane, then we’ll turn to replacement.

    When a Pool is Over 10-20 Years Old

    If you have had a pool for 10-20 years and have never hired a pool repair professional, you probably should soon. As the best pool repair company in south-central Louisiana, our team at Howard Pool Company feels comfortable providing the kind of high-quality repairs that our customers need.

    We’ll start by assessing your pool’s age and checking it for common age-related issues. For instance, calcium buildups are common in older pools, especially if they haven’t been maintained in a long time. During our inspection, we’ll check for any other damage issues that may be affecting you.

    Our goal is to provide the hands-on care that makes the most sense for you, including spot-crack damage and much more. With the help of our team of Louisiana locals, you’ll get the fantastic service quality that you expect at a price that you can easily afford.

    We are Here to Help You!

    At Howard Pool Company, we’re here to help you handle your south-central Louisiana pool repair. As the best pool repair company and pool repair contractor in the area, we’re more than ready to help you. So please contact us today to learn more about the options we provide for Louisiana homeowners. Our team will do what it can to help you keep your pool strong and protected.

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